Brown Butter Robin’s Egg Nest Rice Krispie Treats

These flavorful and festive Brown Butter Robin’s Egg Nest Rice Krispie Treats are perfect for a dessert buffet, or to wrap in cellophane and ribbon for your guests to take home after dinner.

Steamed Hard Boiled Eggs

For easy peel hard boiled eggs try steaming them in a steam basket. The water comes to a boil so fast, allowing you to steam the eggs in 12 minutes! Cool down in an ice bath and the hard boiled eggs will be ready to eat. Perfect for deviled eggs, egg salad, or Cobb, Nicoise, or chef salad.

Double Smoked Glazed Spiral Ham on the Traeger

A sweet and tangy homemade glaze are featured in this tender DOUBLE smoked ham on the Traeger Grill. This is so easy and results in a moist, tender, flavorful ham! Try this for your next holiday celebration.

Fun Spring Decor

I will be sharing some fun Spring decor ideas with you. I love this time of year when we can freshen up our home decor to reflect the current season. I am loving that Spring has arrived! 🐇🍓 #springdecor #spring #bunnies #strawberries #birds #targetdollarspot #raedunn #hobbylobby #amazonfinds

Christmas Tree Shop Spring Tour

Here’s a quick peek at the well stocked shelves at the Christmas Tree Shop. They have Spring, Easter, and Memorial Day decor and products out on the shelves.

Better Than Reese’s Homemade Peanut Butter Eggs

These homemade peanut butter eggs are way better than the store bought Reese’s Eggs. Not only are they tastier, they are EASY to make! Makes enough to share with family and friends (or to hoard them for yourself, ha ha, just joking… well… sort of!) 🤣🤣🤣 Our family friend, Jonece, made these eggs for …