Update the look of a piece of furniture with wipeable peel and stick wallpaper. This project took no time at all and I was super happy with the finished look of my updated, refreshed dining room hutch.

Hutch redo with peel and stick wallpaper​
Hutch redo with peel and stick wallpaper
Watch this Hutch redo with peel and stick wallpaper on YouTube ⬆️

The two end panels in my dining room hutch were covered in a burlap fabric. Over time, the fabric yellowed from sun exposure. I decided I would give the hutch an updated look and pondered what medium I would use to update it. Rather than fabric, I decided to use wipeable peel and stick wallpaper. The longest part of this project was removing the old burlap fabric. The rest was so easy and I am super happy with the results!

I used peel and stick wallpaper that I purchased from JoAnn. The brand I chose was NuWallpaper. They had different patterns, but I chose one that matched the color of my hutch best (an off white) and a pattern that I liked. I simply traced the shape of the panel, making it a couple inches larger, so I could wrap the panel. Then I cut it out, removed the backing, and slowly pressed it onto the panel. If there were any air bubbles, I gently used a straight edge to work the bubbles out.

I like that the wallpaper is wipeable, because the hutch is in our dining room where we eat all of our meals. I have 3 kids, so I appreciate being able to wipe it down.

The peel And stick wallpaper is awesome! I am already thinking about what other projects I can use it on.

What have you used peel and stick wallpaper for? Please let me know in the comments.

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