Quick and Healthy Veggie Pita Pizza in the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

Sometimes you need a quick and easy meal. Pizza is my favorite food, so I made a fast vegetable pita pizza in my air fryer. It is done in minutes, has a lot of flavor due to the vegetables, sauce, and cheese, and is healthy compared to regular pizza.

Veggie pita pizza


-Joseph’s pita bread

-Pizza Sauce, however much you like, I used Don Peppino’s pizza sauce

-Mozzarella cheese, I used deli sliced thin mozzarella

-10 – 12 leaves of Fresh baby spinach, I use prewashed, torn into pieces

-Provolone cheese, sliced thin

– 2 Fresh Baby Bella Mushrooms, sliced thin

-Green peppers, sliced thin

– Kalamata Olives, pitted and sliced

-Locatelli Romano Cheese


Toast plain pita bread in air fryer mode for 3 minutes. Then top the pita bread with the thin sliced mozzarella cheese. Next, top with pizza sauce. Then add a layer of the thin sliced provolone cheese.

Next, top with the fresh torn spinach. Then the sliced mushrooms and the sliced green pepper. Add the Kalamata olives. Top with grated Locatelli Romano cheese.

Cook the pita pizza in the air fryer mode for 4 minutes at 425°. Then cook at 365° for at least 5 more minutes or until your vegetables are tender to your preference.



Published by Carla

Carla is a married Mom of 3 who lives in Pennsylvania and loves all aspects of crafting, home projects, cooking, baking, and shopping.

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