Kouign Amann Pastry from KRMA Foods: My Review

I purchased the Large Kouign Amann pastries by KRMA foods from QVC and wanted to share my thoughts on the pastries.

Kouign Amann paired with jam and whipped cream.

These croissant like pastries have many buttery layers and have a slightly sweet dough. They are round cakes and have a sugar that caramelizes on top when you reheat them.

They come in the mail already baked at room temperature, sealed in a packages of three pastries, for a total count of 18.

There were three flavors to choose from. Original, chocolate hazelnut, and Apple. You could get a combination of all three flavors. I chose the original flavor, I thought it would be the most versatile to serve. When I purchased them, they were a QVC’s “One Time Only” price of $47.00, shipping included.

I used my air fryer to bake them for eight minutes at 320°. You must let them sit for a couple minutes before eating, because the caramelized sugar on the top of the pastries can be scalding hot. I served mine with some Grandma’s Jam House Home Style Jam, Holiday Jam flavor, and some whipped cream (Cabot’s Brand, my favorite!) Everyone in my family loved them. They are quite delicious. I enjoyed them plain as is, however, the jam and whipped cream served with them were pretty delicious as well.

Kouign Amann takes 8 minutes in the air fryer.

They would be awesome served with fresh berries and whipped cream. I really enjoyed these and would recommend them. The “One Time Only” price I bought them at priced them at $2.61 per pastry, which I feel is a reasonable price.

They are wonderful as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee. I really enjoyed them. If I can score another QVC’s “One Time Only” price, I will be ordering them again.

Watch my review of the Kouign Amann pastry from QVC on YouTube:


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  1. I purchased them from seeing them on tv. They offered 15 & 30 packs. I got 15 and am glad I did. I got the fruit-filled ones and there was hardly any fruit in them. One package had 3 with no filling at all. I baked according to instructions. They were ok as a bun. Flakey! But slightly doughy with very little filling. Certainly not worth the money so I wouldnt buy them again. Very ordinary and overpriced. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Peter, Not to mention, QVC’s prices have gone up, in my opinion. I enjoyed them with whipped cream, but haven’t been buying many QVC foods lately because of the price point for sure.


      1. Doughy, little to no filling, without or even with whipped cream, (which I love), and, as you say, overpriced for sure. I would never order them again or recommend them. I love buying from both QVC & HSN. Thanks for your comment and stay safe.

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