DIY: Dollar Tree T-Shirt Pumpkin

This pumpkin craft was so easy to make! There are so many colors of T-shirts for you to choose from, you could custom make your own pumpkins. You could even use multi colors on the same pumpkin, I bet that would be very cute too. You could buy new T-shirts at the Dollar Tree to use, like I did, or you could use old T-shirts from your T-shirt drawer and upcycle them into a cute pumpkin! If you use an old T-shirt, that would basically make this craft cost ONE dollar (minus the jute twine and hot glue). One dollar for a cute T-shirt pumpkin? YES, please! Let’s get started on the craft:

The pumpkin that I used is the carvable one that is available at the Dollar Tree. Using a pumpkin that can be carved makes this project super easy! This would be a great kid craft! The grown-up carves the pumpkin, and cuts the fabric into strips, a the child could do the rest, it is that easy!

Carvable pumpkin from the Dollar Tree.
Cutting the T-shirt into strips.
Carving a small hole in the top of the pumpkin.
Wrapping a strip of fabric around the pumpkin and tucking in at both ends.
Tucking fabric in the hole.
Twisting smaller strips of fabric to wrap around to give the pumpkin texture.
Twisting more pieces of fabric.
I looped the end pieces of the last piece of fabric, to create “leaves “.
Hot gluing jute twine Around the stem of the pumpkin.
I hot glued the stand one to the top of the pumpkin, then I tied some jute twine to create spirals.
The finished T-Shirt Pumpkin! Adorbs!

That’s it! It was so easy! Below is my how to video. Please feel free to Comment, Like, Follow, and Share. Also, I would appreciate if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks for joining me today, and I’ll see you next time!

Carla XOXO


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