DIY: Hello Wreath

I decided to create a new Wreath for my for my front door. I haven’t had a Wreath on my front door for a couple of years due to house finches making a nest and having little babies. A couple of times a Mama finch got inside our house and we had to figure out how to get the her out. A web search helped us figure out what to do. We made the whole house dark by closing curtains and blinds. Then we put on a light where we wanted her to go. She finally got out, but not without a lot of fluttering about and panic by us! It wasn’t fun and it’s not something I recommend, ha ha!

I’m hoping that no birds will nest now that it’s mid Summer. Fingers crossed! It’s time for a new Wreath on my front door! I wanted a Wreath that was welcoming, so I picked up a carved wooden “Hello” piece at The Flower and Home Marketplace in East Earl, PA. I love that place! Tons of home products, florals, crafts, you name it, they have a ton of stuff. Here’s the Hello sign:

I decided to paint it a silver metallic color, using Folk Art Sterling Silver acrylic paint, by Plaid.

Then I aged the metallic paint by using Apple Barrel black acrylic paint by Plaid. I mixed it with a little water, painted it on and wiped the black off to make it look like aged metal:

Next, I used an 18 inch wide round grapevine Wreath as the base of my Wreath. I then chose faux lamb’s ear from Walmart’s floral section. I also used various faux succulents that I bought from Walmart, The Dollar Tree, and The Flower and Home Marketplace. I arranged everything first, then secured it all with a hot glue gun.

I then secured the wooden Hello sign with invisible fishing line. And here’s a picture of the finished product:

And here’s a how to video on my YouTube Channel, DIY Happy Home:
DIY: Hello Wreath

Join me in this DIY: Hello Wreath with a grapevine wreath featuring lamb’s ear and beautiful faux succulents, including faux sedum and faux string of pearls succulents.

Published by Carla

Carla is a married Mom of 3 who lives in Pennsylvania and loves all aspects of crafting, home projects, cooking, baking, and shopping.

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